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Sponsor A Child: Holiday Gift Giving for Kids with Autism and Multiple Disabilities

NOTE: To donate, Please use PAYPAL (until we resolve some technical issues).

In the last 3 years, Friends in Need has been participating in the Holiday Gift Giving for the kids at Phoenix Center (located in Nutley, New Jersey). These children have autism and multiple disabilities AND most of them come from disadvantaged families, so what they receive from this program is a major event for them!
Join us make a happy event for these kids and sponsor a child (or two)! The kids have already given their Santa list! There are 2 ways to do the sponsorship:

1) Let us know how many kids you want to sponsor, we give you their list and you can buy the present yourself or
2) Make a donation to Friends in Need (online and click on Paypal button), and we will allocate your donation specific to this program.

The average price of the presents is $22. If you decide to do the shopping, we would need the presents by December 12. If you opt to make a donation to this program, we would appreciate if we receive your donations by December 5. This will give us time to shop as well!
Thank you very much for your participation. Your support leaves such a remarkable impact on peoples’ lives.

Posted 12/03/2011

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